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About eZdia

Quality Content @ Scale

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, our management team is comprised of seasoned executives from companies like Walmart, Yahoo!, eBay, Sun Microsystems, Intel, Oracle, Cisco, Bank of America, Chase, HP, H5 and Accenture.

What is eZdia?

More than 85% of marketers are currently using content marketing, but few believe they are successful in executing their content plans. We’ve built eZdia on a simple premise. Pair our own cutting edge technology with the passions, skills and resources of our expertly curated team of writers, researches and editors. eZdia is more than a content churning machine. Our content creation platform configures easily to the needs of our customer and each unique project, so we can deliver a cost-effective, scalable solution that is spot on every time.

It’s a simple premise. Harness the passions of your team and support them with exacting process, thorough training and cutting-edge technology. That’s eZdia.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the web more readable, engaging and enjoyable by connecting growing eCommerce companies with the world's most motivated writers. And we’re constantly developing and growing our community of writers. If we can thusly create one million jobs by 2020, then consider us satisfied.

Our promise

Harness the creativity and passion of small teams; support them with exacting process, trained specialists and cutting-edge technology; and empower their brand to go great things. That’s eZdia.

eZdia has been successful in delivering tens of thousands of words of content per month to Fortune 500 companies. With our platform, we are able to save 30% on average on the cost of content with a measurable increase in quality and engagement.

Our solution

Our Content Creation Platform (eZdia CCP) configures easily to the unique needs of our clients' projects, so we can deliver a cost-effective, scalable solution that delivers every time.

Turns out, content marketing is a pretty big deal. More than $188 Billion dollars will be spent on content, video and social media marketing by the end of 2013... And it just keeps growing!

It’s a tall order to maximize the reach of your brand. You need unique, fresh and shareable content that speaks to each individual customer, across every buying stage and on the content mediums of their choice. To make this magic happen, eZdia’s on-staff editorial team works closely with our home-grown extended workforce. We review their specialties and passions, matching them with the brands and products that demand the highest-quality content they canfind.


  • Writers, editors and researchers are hand-picked and trained in-house.
  • Bonus system and feedback channels incentivize writers and ensure quality.


  • Robust technology platform provides a powerful tool to easily manage workflow.
  • Crowd is currently over 30,000 experts; more than 4,000 are expert-certified.

Cost efficiency

  • Content creation platform serves as a work­flow tool, process manager and version control.
  • Leveraging the crowd of writers increases project efficiency by 25%.
  • Tool reduces project management costs by more than 30%.