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Any online agency knows how hard it is to manage large amounts of web content. It's difficult enough to make sure the necessary work is getting down on time, and quality control becomes nearly impossible with massive projects. At eZdia, we've got the support you need to deliver good work on time to your clients, especially if you're trying to execute large-scale projects for several different brands.

Agencies leverage eZdia's suite of content solutions

Our content creation platform makes it easy to track content projects on both a micro and a macro level. Use our tool to see the stages of development for an individual piece of content, or the progress of an entire project—how many items have been written, how many have been edited, and so forth. With our tool's workflow function, you can customize how many stages of review each item of content goes through, ensuring quality control.

Our platform also allows us to execute separate campaigns for different brands simultaneously. With eZdia's platform, it's easy to manage projects for different brands, and even multiple projects for the same brand, at the same time. No more emails back and forth, and no more endless spreadsheets! You can organize and streamline your processes with our content creation platform.

Benefits for agencies

  • Easily manage several projects at once.
  • Manage projects for different brands simultaneously.
  • Track content projects on both a micro and a macro level.
  • Deliver projects of any scale on time and at cost.
  • Set a custom amount of review stages to ensure quality.

More features and benefits

Download our features and benefits page to learn more about how our approach can work for you.

eZdia Platform - features and benefits