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Amplification solutions

So you've got your compelling, search engine-optimized content. Now what happens? Should you just let it sit there on your site? No! Spread the word. We'll not only develop your content, but help you develop and implement your amplification strategy.

Why amplify your content?

Amplifying your content is an important part of any content marketing strategy. Without it, you'll be purely reliant on search engine results to get traffic to your site. Sure, your content is optimized for search engines, but no one ever succeeded in business without being proactive!

Content amplification involves posting your content across social media channels, which means marking up the content you produce with Open Graph tags, Twitter tags, and generally making it ready to be shared.

But it's much more than just posting on social media. To get people to really pay attention to your content, you need to be strategic about where and how you place it.

Owned media

The concept of owned media is simple—it's media that you control, whether that's an in-house blog or your company Google+ page. Amplifying your content starts here, but it doesn't end here.

Paid media

Paid placement of your content, whether it's done via sponsored Facebook posts, sponsored tweets or ad buys, is key. Sponsored social media posts are effective—they get your content right in people's news feeds, they increase your brand's visibility and engagement with customers, and you can target your audience much more precisely. We can help you figure out the best times and places to put your sponsored content up so you aren't just wasting resources!

Earned media

Earned media isn't spread by you; it's spread by people outside your organization, often by word of mouth or via sites such as Reddit and other aggregators. Your content can only earn this kind of attention if it's excellent, engaging content, and if it's made available for this kind of sharing. Earned media is one of the best ways to get noticed in the online world, and we specialize in producing the kind of dynamic content that gets noticed!

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