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What it's Like Working for eZdia

So what kind of writing work are we talking about? Our projects range from product descriptions to blog posts to in-depth technical articles. Most of the current projects are for eCommerce content. You'll be paid on a per word agreement, based on the word count of the final draft. The amount varies from project to project. Usually we have plenty of work available; however, the amount of work does rise and fall with the number of orders we get from our clients.

How to Get Started

It's easy to get started: Just sign up! If your skill set matches with our project goals, we'll enable you to take a paid trial assignment. If your trial assignment is rated high and approved, you'll be a full-fledged writer for eZdia with access to any projects that match your experience and topic expertise.

The Big Picture

Our clients place orders for content with us, and we refer to these orders as "projects". Our projects vary in size, from a dozen to hundreds of pieces of content. All writing assignments will appear in our Open Projects queue, sorted by project. Once you're an approved writer, you'll have access to "check out" writing assignments from the queue. Each assignment will come with a set of instructions, including a style guide, content specs and a specific timeline. You'll work closely with our editors and Quality Assurance managers during the content creation process. The video featured at the top of this page has more information and a peek into our content creation platform.

The eZdia Mission

The community of content creators serve as the lifeblood of eZdia's platform. The opportunities created within the ecosystem of the tool gives writers, editors and topic experts a chance to ply their trade and earn money. Novice writers gain the experience necessary to become experts, and expert writers and editors have the chance to hone their skills.

You'll be working with some of the top brands in the world.