Data Solutions

Don't be intimidated by large amounts of data. No matter the size or type of your data project, eZdia's data solutions can accomplish any task, efficiently and effectively. Leveraging technology with a motivated workforce, we can tackle any data challenge to organize your data, making it actionable for your business objectives.

Search relevance optimization

Irrelevant or absent search results can frustrate customers browsing your site, driving them straight to your competition. Our workforce refines search results on your site to help your customers find just what they're looking for.

Keyword research services

Our team of keyword researchers excels at finding out what consumers type into that little search box, and together we can optimize your content so that they're drawn straight to your company's website. When potential customers search for products, meet them there.

Data categorization solutions

Instead of spending your company's valuable time sorting and categorizing thousands of items, send these tasks out to our extended workforce. Save time, money and headaches with our data categorization services.

Data tagging

The better organized the items on your site are, the more easily site visitors will be able to find what they need. Our extended workforce can go through all your products quickly, providing relevant tags that will improve the customer experience.

Product attribute identification

Are your data sets or product descriptions missing information? We'll help you fill out the data for each product that needs it, no matter the scale of the project.

Data cleansing services

Inconsistent, incorrect or misleading data can skew your business strategies, or just confuse your customers or your clients. Protect your brand by making sure the data on your site is current and accurate.

Data deduplication services

Deduplicating your data is essential for a smooth-running, streamlined site. Ensure accuracy and prevent the loss of data by letting our tech experts and trained workforce do the analysis.