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eZdia extended workforce

The eZdia community is the lifeblood of eZdia. We're in contact with thousands of writers, editors and subject matter experts, all ready to create dynamic content on a large scale at a moment's notice. How do we manage such a large community?

Our content creation platform

With our platform, we can assign tasks to specific researchers, writers and editors, or we can make them available to our community at large. We can decide when projects are available to write, and when to put them on hold. We can rate the work of our writers and editors so that the cream rises to the top, and we provide personalized feedback to our writers for each piece of content that is created. We can send items back to writers and ask for a rewrite. We can send items back to editors and ask for a clean-up. Basically, we control the whole process from beginning to end, making collaboration through our platform efficient and effective.

The writer approval process

Before a writer is able to really start producing content for us, we have them write one item of content. That's how we separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak—if they can't handle one assignment, there's no way they can handle 20! Once a writer is approved, he or she can write on a large scale for us. But through our writer rating system, we track each writer's performance even after we approve them, to ensure only the best are working for you!

Our expert support center

We provide instruction and support to our writers in our expert support center, as well as giving them an easy way to contact us if anything needs clarification.

Direct communication & training

There's always good old-fashioned email. We alert our community via email when a new project is available to work on, and when a deadline is approaching for a certain item or project. Sometimes we find an issue needs the personal touch, and sometimes we just want to touch base with our experts!

More features and benefits

Download our features and benefits page to learn more about how our approach can work for you.

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