eZdia Content Creation Platform

Features and benefits


A dynamic, status-based content creation tool designed to quickly create, update, and manage thousands of units of content through a powerful, easy-to-use interface.

  • Workflow management with bulk updates
  • Define styleguide & content requirements
  • Assign & manage individual items
  • Advanced search & filtering
  • Create & share content, topics or ideas
  • Originality checker
  • Negative filter engine
  • Customizable to your requirements


Customizable reporting and analytics dashboard gives real-time visibility into content status and performance, and provides actionable insights to help you make better strategic decisions.

  • At-a-glance campaign & order overview
  • Develop content calendar & reorder items
  • Manage multiple campaigns & domains
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Integrate SEO analytics tools
  • Customizable to suit your KPIs

Assignments Queue

Integrate, manage and monitor your existing content teams with hassle-free, rule-based assignments, delivering content assignments to any of your team members with one click.

  • Efficient workforce collaboration
  • Manage writers, editors & researchers
  • Create rule-based assignments
  • Quick actions for easy assignments
  • Integrate SEO analytics tools
  • Assign internal or external resources on the fly

Extended workforce

Connect with our expert in-house project managers and content strategists, and thousands of proven writers, editors and SEO analysts, to empower your existing content team, manage peak demand and scale your content strategy.

  • Leverage expert PMs & content strategists
  • Source proven writers, editors & researchers
  • Scale your strategy without adding overhead
  • Leverage the creativity of the eZdia workforce
  • Integrate with your existing team

User admin tools

Build new initiatives, add team members, and define roles using a suite of administrative tools designed to keep you focused on creating exceptional content to empowering your brand.

  • Add & manage team members
  • Manage members’ roles
  • Define members’ visibility & permissions
  • Create new orders & brand initiatives
  • Efficient new campaign & order upload
  • Budget & invoicing add ons