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Media companies

As traditional printed publications struggle and even go extinct, the competition for an online audience is fiercer than ever.

Benefits to media companies

Producing content at a large scale, not just weekly or daily but hourly, is absolutely essential in the online media industry. Readers want up-to-the-minute stories and analysis, and if they can't get it from you, they'll get it somewhere else. Readers also want compelling content—the kind that gets shared on social media sites. And unless you're producing a lot of content, it's hard to get noticed in the crowded Internet.

Scalable media solutions

The challenge, then, is to create content at that large scale without sacrificing quality or timeliness. How do you effectively manage large amounts of engaging content for multiple topics while ensuring that the quality level is satisfactory? With eZdia's content creation platform.

Use our tool to see the stages of development for an individual piece of content, or the progress of an entire project—how many items have been written, how many have been edited, and so forth. With our tool's workflow function, you can customize how many stages of review each item of content goes through, ensuring quality control.

Leverage the creativity of a trained workforce

Having trouble creating enough content, or processing the content you create? Through eZdia, you'll have access to an entire crowd of writers, editors and subject matter experts. Whether you have content needs, editing needs, keyword research needs or project management needs, we have a solution for you.

We'll make online content creation an easy, organized process, rather than a messy one.

More features and benefits

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