Moderation Solutions

You want your users or members of your community to be free to express themselves, but you don't want your brand and image tarnished by inappropriate or offensive content. Short of heavily restricting and regulating community posts and user-generated content, the best way to keep standards high is to moderate what content gets posted or uploaded to your site. This can be difficult and time-consuming to accomplish on a large scale, which is where we come in. Built to work on a large scale, our crowd moderates all kinds of content quickly and efficiently, and since every community is unique, we'll work within the guidelines you've set up for your community. Our moderation guidelines and flagging standards are customizable to fit your needs.

Image moderation services

How to tell if an image is appropriate? A program or a piece of software can't make that judgment; it often requires hands-on work. Though most human moderators would struggle to handle large amounts of content, our image moderation solution is scalable, because of the access you have through us to our extended workforce.

Video moderation services

User-generated video content is an important asset for any content strategy, but it's difficult to review large amounts of video unless you have a scalable solution, which eZdia provides.

Comment moderation

To keep your community healthy, comment moderation that's impartial and consistent is key. We provide high-level, standardized comment moderation at a low cost for any scale.

Sentiment analysis

Accurate, in-depth analysis of how your customers are feeling about your company or product is hard to come by using an automated service. Let eZdia's sentiment analysis solutions do the work for you, and get real human analysis from real humans.