We're a leading provider of content and data services, delivering world-class service and a state-ofthe-art SaaS solution. Our pricing model is designed to suit your requirements. We’ll help you decide what content or data you need, how much and then give you a competitive pricing schedule to fit your needs.

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Content Services

Offering Description Price
Product Description 100-400 words of SEO copy depending on strategy. Sometimes higher margin or better selling products have more "SEO juice," where as new products may get the minimum. .04 to .10/word
Category Description 200-600 words of SEO copy depending on strategy. Sometimes Above the Fold (ATF), Sometimes Below the Fold (BTF) Sometimes both. Same for Search Landing Pages. .06 to .15/word
Buying Guide 1000-2000 words of high-quality product comparison, category or "How-to" content, usually served with many links, keywords and deep, rich information to engage consumers and drive search traffic. .15 to .40/word
Blog Post/SEO Article 300-600 words of copy depending on the subject matter covered. Usually little to no links unless id built for off-site distribution. For on-site publishing, links and more promotional language is okay. .10 to .20/word
Mini-Site 2000-5000 words of content to explain how something works, provide in-depth comparisons or other "sub-site" developed for a specific purpose. .15 to .40/word
Local Page 300-600 words of SEO rich, localized copy that usually pulls data from multiple "approved" sources to drive localized search relevancy. Local search research required. .12 to .25/word
White Paper 1000-5000 words of research heavy copy to explain an idea, product, theory, process or other specialized info. .15 to .40/word
Recipe 200-800 words of recipe content designed to outline ingrediants and educate the reader on the correct way to produce a meal, dish (or other outcome). .10 to .30/word
Content Amplification 400-800 words of copy specifically built for PPC or social programs. Less promotional than a blog. Usually a higher degree of "newsworthiness" is required. .15 to .40/word
Dynamic Pages Content Custom tailored content to distribute to dynamic search pages targeting specific user segments or patterns. Contact for Quote
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Content Add Ons

Offering Description Price
Keyword Research Keyword research for primary, secondary and tertiary keywords given a specific objective. $1/keyword
Metadata Up to 155 characters of SEO rich, descriptive copy. $1-$2
Image Research Using external library (or source) to research and select images. $2-$5/image
Image Optimization Naming your images and adding them to a page (tagging). $2-$4/image
Feature Bullets Inserting 3 to 10 top features as highlights within copy. $1/feature
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Hourly Services Add Ons

Offering Description Price
Technical Consulting Technical front-end, back-end, CMS and integration expertise and training. $100/hr.
Project Management Expert project management support, training and encouragement. $20-60/hr.
SEO Consultation Large Scale content strategy review, analysis and planning. Includes setup and review of SEO analytics. $50-250/hr.
Custom Content and Data Services Mix and match any of our advanced custom consulting and support to get you to the next level. Contact for Quote
Graphic Design Services Incorporate graphics like info-graphics, charts and custom images into the content you want to communicate to your users. $30-80/hr.
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Data Services

Offering Price
Search relevance optimization Contact for Quote
Data categorization Contact for Quote
Data tagging Contact for Quote
Attribute identification Contact for Quote
Data cleansing Contact for Quote
Data deduplication Contact for Quote
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Moderation Services

Offering Price
Video Moderation Contact for Quote
Image Moderation Contact for Quote
Comment moderation Contact for Quote
Sentiment analysis Contact for Quote